Day 0 Saturday – Girona Aeroport:

You can use to fly in or even better, arrive a day early on Friday which gives you the opportunity to ride a nice enduro route. This enduro route has a length of 200Km, but you can make it as long as you wish, because this spectacular route goes around the hotel. Therefore the perfect day to loosen your lazy muscles and test your motorcycle for tomorrow’s long rally stage. Ps. Girona Aeroport is also within an hour’s reach by train from Barcelona Aeroport.

Day 1 Sunday – Oliana:

A real rally stage of no less than 280Km through the fantastic Pyrenees. Beautiful, many times you are at 1.500 Metres of height and you pass by great rocks.

The Pyrenees on studded tyres is almost too good to be true. We spend the night in the hotel of Esteve Pujol, where stands -you won’t believe it- a Repsel Dakar KTM at the reception, complete and ready to take off. The restaurant is full with trophies, amongst which a big one of the 6-day tour in Assen, I believe from 1986.

Day 2 Monday – Lleida:

Enjoying the flared Pyrenees, while you have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful sight of the high Pyrenees. We spend the night in a luxurious hotel in Lleida, where both sauna and swimming pool are perfect to loosen your muscles after a great off road day with a length of 250km.

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Day 3 Tuesday – Zaragoza:

Today we are riding through real canyons, you think you are in a cowboy area, with a true enduro paradise in the afternoon. The night we spend at Zaragoza, which is a beautiful town.

Day 4 Wednesday – Castellon:

A tough and spectacular rally stage of 380Km through desert like landscape and rough mountains towards Castellon, which is situated at the Costa del Azahar. 300 Km of 100% off road on tracks that wouldn’t look bad at Dakar. Today no time to play, but enough time to be surprised about the beautiful route. You need to be concentrated for sure, misjudging one turn and you will be down in the ravine.

Day 5 Thursday – Castellon:

Leaving your sorrows behind, with for those who fancy it, a short  ride with pretty awesome single tracks and great views on the Costa Azahar. Waking up slowly with lots of coffee while staring at the sea. Coddle your motorcycle and darn, you want to ride again! A short day with tourist elements for those loving a real enduro park with endless single tracks. Best part is riding with the wind from terrace to terrace and the beach and darn, back to the same hotel as where you took off this morning.

Day 6 Friday – Valencia:

An enduro day of 120Km to Valencia. The last  route to Valencia is full with everything. Endlessly through a river bed with cuts of grit. Taking of in first gear is not recommendable -it’s like you are in the sand dunes- but second gear will do, change gear quickly and after 10Km you are completely demolished. Afterwards you can exhale on beautiful mountain roads and orchards full with oranges, with of course alternately tough single tracks.

Day 7 Saturday – Valencia:

The motorcycles are made ready for transport, so no more riding today. You can fly whenever you want, however a visit to Valencia is more than worth it.

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