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Riders Report Funduro

Again the Funduro Raid edition 2014 was a fantastic off road event! Believe it or not, we were welcomed by a fanfare band and we don’t even talk about the great evenings at one of the many Tapas bars. The enduro team from Poland, existing out of Joanna Modrzewska, Marcin Latoszek en Arthur Zbikowski, here at the picture next to the tapas, thought the Funduro was so fanastic that they don’t want anything but 100% motor events.

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The Funduro really has it all. Joop van Zonsbeek used this week to learn how to navigate and to get used to the heavy Dakar KTM. When Joop met another technician, Freek van Balen, at the airport, together with his friends Jeroen en Huup, they had so much fun they decided to catch a flight later to Spain. How beautiful does life get. How Joop managed we don’t know, but he arrived every night with a big smile. Freek and Jeroen however, came for adventure and enjoyed beautiful Spain. That’s how it’s done, enjoying nice and rashly a week of the great motorsport while making new friends. Don’t we have an amazing hobby.

Als more technical riders such as Leo, Johan en Marius had no reasons to complain, because you can let off steam in Spain! This edition only knew winners and technical parts certainly were not avoided. Also the connection parts were a reason that nobody wanted to go home. After 3 days nobody knew they had a job, I’m telling you: we belong in the health package. Thanks to this fantastic riding we became a close group that had no problems what so ever, it was a great experience.

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After a few days, there were only heroic stories. Huup enthusiastically took some jumps at a downhill MTB track and thought they felt a bit strange. Gerjan thought it was time for more action than words and decided to reward the first 3 competitors that reached the Iveco with a nice bottle of wine. A few riders played hide and seek, but these heroes decided to join a navigation test through a rough cowboy scenery without any trails. Only good navigation and motor control skills took you through Eric de Schepper well deserved the highest stage, he rode cool and accurate towards the finish. Klaas Okken followed well and claimed a nice second place. Bart Somers always does his own thing, however he chose the wrong track on top, if it wasn’t for that he would have surely ensnared Erik. Bart, man, you can be proud of this nice third place. Moreover, they were the true winners because they challenged the magical bull. Artur Zbikowski also received a bottle of wine because he took all technical parts very well. Huup Peters got the last bottle of wine for taking amazing obstacles and the rest of the wine might end up in me.

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Spain is such a beautiful country, every meter is fantastic. Gabe Heeren has a true rally hart, “This is why you go here” he says. Click at this picture, the villages are lovely. Gilbert Berntsen of mx4al.nl experienced a great week with his friend Tom Schipper. They are persuaded, “Nothing better than rallyweeks like this”, they smile. I will not mention more names, everybody fought for each meter and thanks to the bypass, riders of all levels had lots of fun.

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