• Standard off road motorcycle till 150kg
  • Fuel capacity for 150km
  • New chain + sprocket
  • New set of brake-blocks + spare set
  • Street legal tyres + bib mouse inner tubes
  • Wheel, ballhead and link bearings in good condition
  • Quiet exhaust, really maximum of 92DB
  • Valid licence + assurance/green card
  • Our events are best suitable for motorcycles of 100 till 150kg
  • For example KTM: from two-stroke EXC250 till four-stroke KTM 690 enduro.

Because we are a real motorrally, two-strokes can also participate. Just a small can of oil and a very small kitchen measuring tool, say 25ml and you’re ready!

Fuel capacity for 150km

Usually you can get fuel after 80km, in the Alentejo Rally this is even guaranteed. During the Eastern Europe Rally or the Funduro Raid Spain you need to cross a distance of 150km sometimes. For the new injection KTM 350, 150km is not a problem with the standard fuel tank. For most off road motorcycles are 12 or 13 liter fuel tanks available. These tanks are never in your way and you can stay on your motorcycle during the whole year. For quads there are special flat fuel tanks available which can be

For all models there are largers tanks available in different colours, Jos from has choosen a transparant one for his BETA 498 RR, therefore you Always know how much fuel is left. Check out the mounted Tripy also.

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Street legal tyres + bib mouse inner tubes

You could wear our your tyres and mouse in 1 day, but this surely doesn’t have to be the case. When you ride ‘normal’ a set can last the whole week.

Wheel spin does not offer any extra and when you avoid this, the bib mouse of Michelin last a couple of tyres. Therefore, a tyre clamp is not necessary, take care of fresh mouse and pay attention at the date while buying it. Until now only the Michelin bib mouse have proven theirselves. Make sure the size of the bib mouse is the same as your tyre, don’t mess with a wrong size for this only brings problems.

Also make sure your tyre is approved for use at the open road, because you want your assurance to cover costs in case of an accident.
Michelin states that the M/C 70R is guaranteed for 170km/hour

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Personally I think the 140/80-18 Enduro Competition is a nice allround tyre. The tyre is not a star in particular cases, but the profile is perfect to ride allright at all kinds of ground.

Quad riders need to bring a lot of plugs unless you take turns without wheelspin, for then your quad tyres stay fine.

For navigation we have a separate chapter.

Furthermore we look at the complete condition of the vehicle, such as:

Checklist vehicle:

  • Front and rear light
  • Brake light
  • GPS-settings: HDDDMM.mmm
  • Exhaust / 94dB Max
  • Wheel bearing
  • Chain/sprocket
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Mounting road book/cockpit

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