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Is this your first rally, and don’t you want to use a paper road book, then the Tripy the digital road book can help out. Leppink Adventure is as of day one dealer of this nice device. You mount and get to know the Tripy in one minute, getting lost is impossible and because of that you ride in our events as if it were a signed enduro.

The Tripy is a great navigation device at our events. Thanks to the RAM mount system mounting is done within a minute and the internal battery gives more than enough power for a day of navigation. It is not necessary to have knowledge of the device. I can explain how it works within 1 minute. This makes it possible to participate relaxed in our events. Using the Tripy puts riding the motorcycle at the first place and helps to enjoy the environment to the fullest.

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Leppink Adventure is the perfect Tripy dealer thanks to its knowledge. When you fill ouf the Contact form, I will take care for fast delivery, good explanation and besides this, a 5 years guarantee.  We always follow the latest offers at the Tripy site and even then we understand the regular price of € 648,00 is an investment. But if you do not use the main road, there is no better navigation device than the Tripy. Besides the fact that it works like a regular TomTom, you can follow Garmin tracks perfectly thanks to the clear screen and you can develop your own road books.

Here you see the RAM mount fixation clearly. It is a well-proven fixation without problems. When you buy the Tripy from us it is a complete set including fixation, cabels, fantastic software and 5 years of guarantee. Besides that, we have a 100% knowledge of this device.

The internal memory has enough capacity to safe tracks for a month. also the track has no points limitation. You can see the differences at the picture. The red track is the Tripy track, the combination with the track follower makes sure you will navigate in a relaxing way.

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