Rules of procedure

The Eastern Europe Rally, Alentejo Rally, Funduro Raid and the Rally weekend (as from here called rides) are explicitly no racing, skill or any other type of contest.

The rides are a joint motor tour where the participants can obtain maximum knowledge about the environment if they follow the several way points. Every part of the ride exists of a number of way points. The person, who approaches the way points in the most economical way, gets the most points of the jury. The person, who took the most way points, has seen the most of the environment and has therefore the most benefits of the plotted route.

You and your motorcycle need to be insured according to the requirements of the Dutch law. The pilot, co pilot and also the owner of the vehicle, participate in the ride at their own risk. They will be fully responsible for any damage caused by him or her, including hedging the responsibility through an insurance agreement at an insurance company of good reputation. Through signing this form, the participants explicitly renounce any damage claims towards the organisation and its supporters, unless the damage has been caused intentionally or brutally by the organisation or its supporters. Supporters are employees who have been explicitly designated by the organisation. The participant has to obtain the laws and rules of the relevant country, but in addition to this the participant has to take or fail to take the actions that will put the safety for themselves, other participants and third parties in danger, including the organisation and its supporters

At all times the participant is responsible for the suitability and well-maintained equipment of his or her vehicle. The responsibility of the organisation explicitly covers no more than plotting the route and make reservations for meals and hotel rooms.

We point out that in addition to the mentioned subjects in this statement, any responsibility due to any consequences of ascendancy will be rejected. Such as: local problems, natural disasters, other compelling problems which require for the organisation to change or even cancel the rides.

Also the particpant declares to annihilate the roadbook after the ride and to not publish or hand over the obtained track or waypoints to third parties.

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