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Tripy the digital road book
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Road book navigation

With us you get to ride nicely at your own pace and if you choose for the digital class, getting lost will be impossible. Navigating in the digital class is very easy, not the guide but you decide your style of riding. Standing on the foot pegs, being in love with your motor cycle and enjoying the ride through magnificent surroundings. Leppink Adventure also stands for fantastic rides on challenging tracks without having to worry about navigating. However, when you choose for the paper road book, you take part of a difficult navigation rally at the best rally school there is. The choice is up to you!

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Tripy the digital road book

Believe us, the use of the digital road book called Tripy needs no particular skills. You learn how to use the menu within a minute, the ball-arrow symbols show you the way and because you can always put the track on the screen, you are able to check if you’re still on the route. The track is a line on your screen and this is the exact line I rode while making the route, therefore a very good system. You can mount the device also within a minute, you put the bracket on the handlebars and off you go. And thanks to the rechargeable permanent battery there’s no need to mess with cables. Down below you find some pictures of the Tripy.

All information about the Tripy you find at Tripy Navigation.

The best rally school there is

Our advice is to choose for navigation with the paper road book. Okay, the price is a bit higher but you will be able to participate in any rally in the world. Techniques develops and the huge Dakar motorcycles disappear slowly but surely, just a simple road book holder on a regular motorcycle is the future. When you choose a road book holder, don’t forget that it has to be replaced easy and fast at a crash. After taking care of that an advantage is also that you are ready in a heartbeat for an enduro or off road ride.

By now, we have proven to be the best rally school there is. Experienced rally riders think the Eastern Europe Rally is fantastic and navigating there is much harder and also more beautiful than Dakar. Check out Reviews and you will be surprised. Enter the Eastern Europe Rally as a beginner and you will come back a true veteran. As we are the only ones that offer a digital class, you will get the track for the GPS so there’s no fear of getting lost.

Road book navigation

To ride enjoyable with a road book in the rally class, you have to notify a few things.

Together with a road book you need the GPS and a trip master, these 3 are un-separately and need to be mounted correctly on your motorcycle. It should be set in a way you can watch it either in sitting as well as in standing position. At a long distance rally such as Dakar, the cockpit is mounted more to the front. This will help to read the road book in standing position and watch the road at the same time. Disadvantage of this is that the construction is heavier and in case of a crash your cockpit can be damaged seriously.

We recommend the plug and play road book system of

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It is easy to mount underneath the bolts of the handlebar clamps. The cables of your bike stay in free position, and you will not feel the cockpit as it is directly mounted on the triple clamp. Tip: buy two pieces, for replacement at a possible crash. has developed a beauty of a trip master. The Rally Dash 4 gps kit works through satellite, so no messing with cables and (a cap) or degree result to read. The MD road book holder works always and since you can start with us in the digital class, you get to follow the track of the GPS which results in a nice and relaxed way of navigating. And watch out! Without this track we are a true navigation rally, for example, I do not know a more difficult navigation than the Alentejo Rally Portugal. Compared to this rally the Breslau rally is easy to navigate.

The navigation cockpit seems like a long story to read, but is no more than what this picture presents. Also thanks to us providing the track in the digital class, getting lost is impossible. but believe me, the fastest way is navigating by using the ball-arrow.

Once again we inform you about the necessary parts for road book navigation:
De plug-and-play roadbooksteun van is perfect, very light and  easy to mount under the bolts of the handlebar clamps.
Therefore the cockpit can be build up and dismantled within half an hour.
The menu-driven Tripmaster of is a beauty and works through satellite, therefore no mess with cables.
Our road books easily exist out of 250 situation, the road book holder of MD is very good and belt-driven and therefore offers also the possibility for rotation by hand in case of technical failure.

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Garmin provides several good GPS systems, make sure you are well informed through our Tips&Tricks before you enter a rally. Always fix the GPS to the holder with a small rope, believe me, they fly out easily.

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