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Rally sports is like a luxurous holiday, we take care of everything. With us, you spend the night in good hotels and in case of trouble we take you and your vehicle to the hotel. Leppink Adventure stands out from the rest, our goal is no other than to give you a fantastic week and besides the beautiful routes there’s also our well-oiled organisation. For example, we have 3 curtain sided trailers and we transport the motorcycles in chucks at 50cm distance, therefore there’s a minimum change of damage.

Transport luggage

Our Iveco’s have proven to be perfect for the job, the motorcycles go on the railer and your personal belongings are transported in our Iveco’s. During the rally we transport your personal things on the trailers, so your things are easy to reach. We are not really difficult about the sizes of the luggage, however we strongly reccomend a rally box which can be bought at Hornbach. Hornbach sells the Stahlkiste 80x45x35 cm for approximately € 50,-. These boxes are also used at Dakar and are obliged at most of the service teams as they arranged their vehicles for these boxes.

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Different boxes are accepted,
but the can definetely be no
larger than 90x50x40cm.
Weight really to a maximum of 22kg.
Heavy boxes are driving us crazy!

In the so called rally box you can easily put your helmet and boots. At the bottom you put your chain and sprocket, brake-blocks, handles and some tools for first maintenance. We bring more tools, amongst which a tyre bench etc. The air filters fit perfectly in your boots and helmet and then there’s enough space left for some oil and such.

Besides the rally box we transport also your bag with motor and other clothes, so you get to fly without any luggage. Tip: put a small bag in the luggage with your personal things for the hotel. When you arrive you can grease your chain and take this small bag to your hotel room. In the room you can take off your motor clothes, take a nice shower, put on other clothes and you’re ready for the always great evenings.

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Sweep car

At our rallies there’s always a first and last rider on the motorcycle, also often one of these two is a professional mechanic. We don’t plug tyres, the Michelin bib-mouse inner tubes have proven themselves and contribute to a perfect motor week. Small failures usually solve themselves, but if you fall out our sweep car will pick you up to bring you and your vehicle to the hotel

Repatriation assurance/Travel assurance

You don’t have to worrie about your vehicle, we will bring it home. Medical expenses in Europe should be in your standard health assurance package. Luckily we never had severe injuries, but of course Leppink Adventure has thought about it! I’m not going to mention my preference for any assurance what so ever, but it goes without saying a good  travel assurance is important. Suppose you end up in a hospital, then you want to go home as soon as possible and for that you need your repatriation assurance. At our inspection it is the most important part for us. We need the emergency number and policy number of your assurance. When your policy number is right, for example Eurocross gets into action and let a Dutch doctor get in contact with the hospital where you stay and the doctor desides how you can be transported to the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Also it is important to thoroughly read our rules, your vehicle needs to be accordingly the Road Traffic Signs and Regulations, therefore you find our article about which tyres to choose under Vehicle and if you follow our Rules of procedure your personal assurances are valid. When you have any doubts you can check your assurance office with our Rules of procedure. We are no more than:

The Eastern Europe Rally, Alentejo Rally, Funduro Raid and the Rally weekend (as from here called rides) are explicitly no racing, skill or any other type of contest.

The rides are a joint motor tour where the participants can obtain maximum knowledge about the environment if they follow the several way points. Every part of the ride exists of a number of way points. The person, who approaches the way points in the most economical way, gets the most points of the jury. The person, who took the most way points, has seen the most of the environment and has therefore the most benefits of the plotted route.


Besides the usual things we give you a few tips: motor boots with neoprene inner shoes are pretty nice for rally sports. Think about walking in the bivouac. But with wet feet your feet will never get cold. Bicycle sports rain clothing is perfect. A thin rainjacket (can also be worn under your coat) will keep you warm or dry. This is also the case with wind stopping bicycle gloves.

When you also have an enduro jacket with a big back part or pocket where you can put the jacket, the sleeves of the enduro jacket and the gloves, together with the safety blanket and some power bars, you are ready to rally. I myself always put the pants over the boots, you will not get any dirt in your boots and when it rains, the combination with the neoprene inner shoe will avoid wet feet. Bring a small waterproof bag pack, together with 3 litres Camel bag. Plastic zip bags are great for your wallet and phone. A small hand compass can prevent you from walking circles in case of trouble. And of course a map which best can be bought at a (local) gas station.

Last but not least: a pencil always writes!!


Spare parts

You can write a book about this subject, but the experience has tought us you always bring too much. Small failures are being taken care of, but when you have a leaking valve or a crankshaft bearing got out, it’s game over, no matter which parts you brought. The rally goes on, so there is no time for big repairs. If you start with a motorcycle in good condition, you should not worrie that your motor will fail. New or revised motorcycles which are not well tested (say, without riding 3 fuel tanks), are more likely to fail than a motorcycle which is well taken care of.

You know your motorcycle best, and you know what can be broken, so these are the parts you should bring. I don’t understand the tinkering after one day, I just ride the whole week, change the oil 1 time and believe it or not, I don’t have to strain the chain, of course I use the best quality chain and sprocket. When you fall it’s a different story, for that reason I always bring extra handles, foot pegs and an old road book. Of course with some nuts and bolts, tyraps and don’t forget the mouldable aluminium of Loctite.

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