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b_0_0_0_00_images_img-offroad Enjoy 100% off ­road
Challenging tracks
Rough nature
Beautiful European areas
With you standard bike
100% motor tracks
No fast stages
Nice technical riding
b_0_0_0_00_images_img-kleinschalig Small groups and great atmosphere
Very good hotels
Great locations
Time for each other
In at 18.00 o’clock
Fun guaranteed
Good meals
b_0_0_0_00_images_img-navigatie Real navigation rally
(Paper road book)
Speed is not important
Good navigating and
bike control result in
your position
b_0_0_0_00_images_img-tripy2 Tripy navigatie
(Digital roadbook)
Easy navigation
1 minute assembly
As easy as Tom Tom
Time to enjoy
b_0_0_0_00_images_img-verzorgen We take care of everything Flying without luggage
Enough space
Tools and mechanic
Sweep car
b_0_0_0_00_images_img-recensie Movies and reviews  –  Erik Posthumus is an experienced EC enduro and 6-days rider. He states the Alentejo routes are EC-material.

The ‘Alentejo’ is a fantastic 6-day rally in a true enduro paradise of southern Portugal! The beauty of this routes, in this rough landscape, is that they are intensive and challenging for more experienced pilots, but also attainable for true dirt lovers. The rally is well organized and the atmosphere is great. At the daily specials the more competitive participants can really go for it and for the amateur it’s just enjoyment to the max. I rode with a Tripy and think the routes are very well registered, which ensures a fantastic days of riding and enjoying the nice tracks and surroundings. The adventures you have during the day, the beautiful weather combined with nice meals in the evening are a guarantee for an amazing experience which you soon long for once you’re back in the Netherlands. A great adventure and truly recommended! Erik Posthumus

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