Route 8 days

The Atlas & Desert allroad raid is a fantastic 8-day motor trip which starts and finishes in the beautiful city Fez.

It is possible to extend the trip with 7 more days in which case you fly to Málaga in Spain and start your first day. You’re free to choose, our routes are also perfect to ride alone. The routes and supervision for the second week are included in the price, the costs for hotels in the extra week are at your own expense.

Your motorbike waits for you at a nice and quietly located hotel just outside of Fez. The food is good and people will not bother you at all. The airport, supermarket and ancient city are nearby and easy to visit by taxi. Of course you can go there by motorbike, we have selected a route and a secure parking place. At the location where we start you can also take a nice swim or pamper your motorbike, so feel free to arrive a day early.

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8 days Atlas & Desert allroad raid
Saturday the 8th of April 2017 arrival in Fez and a week later on Saturday the 15th of April also departure from Fez.

Day 1:  Arrival and if desired, visit to Fez. Roundtrip by motorbike is also possible for those joining the 2-weeks alternative. Fes is one of the most well-known imperial cities of Morocco. You must have seen it once, in particular Fes el Bali (ancient city). This part with the ancient medina (the old, original part) is at the UNESCO world heritage list. Cobalt blue pottery, impressive mosques, majestic palaces and of course… souks (Moroccan marketplace))!

Day 2: Through a quiet dual road we leave Fez. Soon we bend off, and the enjoyment begins. Perfect asphalt brings you to a ski area, you can zip up your jacket because it’s not warm at all. It’s delightful to ride, what a country, it’s like you’re in the Belgian Ardennes.

Through a gravel road we enter the unmeasurable cedar woods where the trees have the circumference of my Defender. When you watch closely, you might see monkeys. These cedar woods are the habitat of the tailless Magot monkeys, the only monkey species that lives the free life.
The Middle Atlas is in the eastern part of Morocco and exists out of limestone and sandstone mountains, which offers the most wonderful colour patterns. The mountaintops reach over 3.000 metres. We spend the night at a delightful mountain lake, the meadows are full with flowers and the rose garden of our hotel is blooming.

Day 3: Via small asphalt and winding roads we ride through the Middle Atlas. Instead of lots of traffic you meet lots of donkeys, another means of transportation. It’s so quiet and a beautiful nature! Our unpaved route climbs over a mountain, no speed, just easy riding through a deserted world. Sometimes you pass some kind of settlement where people truly welcome you. Then there’s asphalt again and the woods are left behind. The Atlas Mountains are also called Adrad en Dren which means something like ‘the mountain of mountains’. We enter the high Atlas Mountains, it’s an area you must have seen, it can really compete with the States. The mountaintops reach more than 4 kilometres and the views are stunning. We spend the night in a nice hotel which we also use during our offroad rally raid.

Day 4: We stay at the same hotel and make a roundtrip through the famous canyons Gorges du Todrha and Gorges du Dadès. The unpaved mountain pass brings you 3.000 metres high and is well to ride. The intense colours and remarkable shapes of the gaps and limestone cliffs will sweep you off your feet. It’s a day in the beautiful word of the high Atlas Mountains you must have experienced!

Day 5: We leave the Atlas Mountains and enter the largest sand desert on earth, the Sahara, to visit the orange sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. We advise a two-hour ride by quad to explore the sand dunes that can reach heights of 150 metres, another option is to go by camel of by foot. We spend the night in a fabulous kasbah. Be sure you go outside to take a look at the starry night!

Day 6: By now you’ve found out if you enjoy riding the stages. Today we offer a real Dakar-experience for those who fancy it. Of course you can choose for the asphalt road, which is also beautiful. We have breakfast in the desert while watching the sunrise, which is amazing. It’s still cold when we hit the road to ride the challenging but well-passable stages. We quickly leave the tourists behind and disappear into no man’s land. You can’t get lost because, you ride on track. If it makes you feel saver, of course you could rent a Spot personal tracker at:

Day 7: Slowly but surely we leave the desert behind and find our way on nice small asphalt roads through the Middle Atlas back to Fez.

Day 8: The participants of the fantastic 8-day raid fly back home from Fez.


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