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Dates & costs 8- / 15-days

Atlas & Desert allroad raid 2017 (Saturday 8th of April – Saturday 15th of April)

The start of the Atlas & Desert allroad raid 2017 is on Saturday the 8th of April in Fez in Morocco. Sunday is our first riding day. We move daily and finish in Fez on Friday the 14th of April. You can book your return flight on Saturday the 15th of April.
Would you like to know more about the extension with 7 days, please scroll down.

Please pay attention!!
This is a raid, which means that the caravan moves daily. Of course you can take place in the sweeper car, however, the caravan cannot stop and wait for individuals

Riders can individually take part of our events, we’ve learned they soon find another participant with the same riding style and interests. The group size will be between 10 and maximum 30 persons. Per 10 participants we take care of a car in order to be able to offer 100% support. It is possible to reach the hotels within 4 to 5 riding hours by the main roads during our raid. Our routes are of course much nicer and more interesting to ride, but that means you’re daily for about 10 hours on the road. It is a true raid which means long riding days through beautiful surroundings and great stories at night while enjoying a beer!

Which costs based on a twin-bedroom?
Subscription and received payment before February 1st 2017:  € 1.875,–
Pillion passenger: € 750,–

Attention please: After the 1st of February 2017 subscription costs are € 2.250,–

The plane flight is not included. Booking a flight is very easy these days and we usually leave this up to the participants. All kinds of rates are possible, just use Google and you’ll find out.

Included are:

  • 7 hotel nights
  • 7x breakfast and dinner
  • Roadbooks and tracks for Garmin or routes for Tripy. We sell or rent the Tripy device.
  • Cooperation with local authorities via Ministry
  • Technical support
  • Sweeper cars (transport motor to hotel)
  • Transport of luggage from hotel to hotel

It is also possible to book the transport of your motorbike for the amount of: € 875,–.

Our organization is 4 weeks away from home and ride a distance of 10.000km. Due to the weight we can only transport 8 motorbikes per trailer. We guard your belongings as good as possible and transport your luggage with covered trailers. We also have a transportation insurance, however, theft is not covered. We load the motorbikes at a central place, 2 weeks before the start of the raid. A week after the raid you can pick up your motorbike at this place.

Extension/15-days Atlas & Dessert allroad raid 2017 (Sunday the 2nd of April – Sunday the 16th of April)

If you choose the 15-day option, we expect you on Sunday the 2nd of April in Málaga in Spain. Our support is included, the extra hotel nights are not included. An average room in Spain costs
€ 120,–. The price for a dinner in our hotels is approximately € 25,– which means you’ll need an extra budget of € 500,–. Of course you are free to find a cheaper hotel or restaurant. Liberty above all things, don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

We can offer motor transportation to Málaga for € 750,–.

But you can also arrange the transport easily at Nord Gargo, http://www.nordcargo.nl/en. They offer groupage transport to Málaga and have special crates for your motorbike for an amount of
€ 605,-.

Down below you find their translated e-mail with information:
Hello Gerjan,
In principle we have never offered transport for organisations before, only for individual transports, however, there’s always a first time for everything.
We offer transport to
Málaga for € 250,– = one way (€ 500,– roundtrip), excluding VAT.
With kind regards/Saludos Cordiales
Peter de Geus

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