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Route Alentejo

Saturday day 1, arrival:

We start from Faro that is situated at the tourist Algarve. You can reach Faro cheaply through different airports. Starting point is hotel Ibis, which is 3 minutes away from the airport, therefore it doesn’t matter which flight you take. Bringing your partner is also possible, because we spend the night at great locations. When you arrive on Saturday, your motorcycle is already parked safely at the pool and you have lots of time to check everything and of course, try out your motorcycle.

Sunday day 2, start:

Every day we start at 08.30 o’clock (local time), this is 07.30 o’clock Dutch time. The first day of the rally we start at 09.00 o’clock to give people with starting problems a little more time. Via a short peace of tarmac where you can get fuel etc., we start in the abandoned Alentejo province with the first ‘special’. The first ‘special’ starts spectacular and leaves you amazed about the beautiful Alentejo area, navigation is difficult and the hills seem impossible to take. Many riders curse at the route maker, but those who keep breathing easily and who ride and navigate with policy, arrive proud and thrilled with enthusiasm at the finish. Great that you have more than enough time to take the last connecting route (an old Dakar Special) and take a dive in the beautiful swimming pool of hotel Vila Gale Clube de Campo which is situated at a reservoir near Beja. This beautiful hotel is situated in the middle of a vineyard and it sells its own real delicious Alentejo wine. At the wellness centre you can even get a massage to start fit at stage 2.

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Monday day 3, on our way to the refreshing west coast:

The first part gets you through bare plains and African look alike landscape, slowly you get sight of the cork oak trees and the rally is really about to begin. Okay, we will not make it too extreme but you are already getting in your rhythm and your motorcycle skills are improving quickly. The first part of this fantastic ‘special’ puts Dakar images in your mind, but when you have to find your way in the bushes and meet challenging climbs, your self confidence starts to grow and you get under the spell of this beautiful rally. We spend the night in Milfontes, a nice fishing town at the West cost. Downtown there’s a nice boulevard with a unique view at the Atlantic Ocean. The following 2 nights we stay at hotel Duna Parque where former participants were more than satisfied about!

Tuesday day 4, tour:

At the third stage the rally really starts, now it’s about maintaining and fighting for a place at the classification. The going gets really tough, but this is enjoying with a capital E, the single track part with blow sand over the rocks with fabulous view at the ocean will remain in your thoughts for a long time, it’s beautiful here and not only the riding part!

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Wednesday day 5, to Portimao, situated at the warm south coast:

A tough stage through the Alentejo and across the rough mountain ridge Monchique. The ‘special’ is a diamond which takes you through immeasurable Eucalyptus forest.

We spend the night at hotel Tivoli, directly situated at the Marina; the dinner buffet is perfect. What more do you need, choosing the food you want and staring at the enchanting Marina while enjoying your meal. The nice and tourist boulevard is at a one minute distance, nothing’s better than watching people with a beer in the hand, Portugal is so beautiful!

Thursday day 6, a day of rest:

Today you get to sleep an extra hour, only participating in the ‘special’ is required, the following route is not too heavy and all participants enjoyed it. The people who need it, can take some extra rest.

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Friday day 7,  back to Faro:

The last stage is absolutely fantastic, real exiting routes over mountain ridges, river beds and the last 80km stony trail makes sure you arrive exhausted but satisfied in Faro and makes you look back at a fantastic week. The food at Ibis is not really special, therefore we finish this rally with a pizza party at the swimming pool where the final scores will be revealed.

Saturday day 8, the end:

At 12.00 o’clock you have to check out at the hotel. You could do some sight seeing in the nice town Faro before your you take the plane back home and look back at a fantastic experience.

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