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Riders report

Alentejo Rally 2013

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Enjoyment to the maximum

The Alentejo Rally in Portugal was just as great as we hoped for. The participants had a lot of fun with each other, and it was a fantastic group of people. With Leppink Adventure one has to fight to get the waypoints. Frans Daris was the only rider who cold-bloodedly managed to get to every waypoint, and therefore deserved to win this rally. Behind Frans riders were fighting hard for points and the results were unpredictable. Experienced rally riders had to learn again how to navigate. But when that succeeded the grimace stayed on their faces.

Multiple NK (Dutch Championship) champion Cees Siemons frequently rides abroad and has seldom ridden this magnificent. Erik Posthumus thought the rally is even European Championship-worthy. Erik is satisfied about the organization and thinks it’s a true gift that Leppink Adventure knows how to make the routes in a way that both experienced and less experienced riders have the time of their life.

The Belgians Eric Deschepper, Bart Somers en Werner Geraerts are friends for life and love motorsports.  The three guys would not give up and kept attacking the Dutch riders.  In the second last special Eric got an up flying stick against his pinky. He had no feeling left in his pinky at all, ‘I thought it was cut off’ he joked. Eric finished the special, but with a splint on your pinky that stands straight forward you cannot ride. A pity, because Eric was chasing Cees pretty good. Bart was riding good, he completely did his own thing and could therefore keep up well with the two guys. Werner was fighting like a lion with a heavily injured shoulder, to not loose connection with three riders. Fantastic to watch.

In the last special the leader Cees went completely underwater and could of course not ride his motorcycle anymore. Cees was close to TC2 and several participants offered to drag his bike, which is allowed according to the rules and regulations. Wisely he waited for the sweep motorbike that dragged him within the stipulated time at TC2. His friend Frans was ready to change the oil. However, Gerjan suggested to put the bike at the sweep truck against two hours penalty, to avoid any risk of damage. Bart was a good sport, he did not file a complaint and settled for a second place. Motor rally sport is great.

The roadbook classification was also exciting. The riders from Limburg (south of the Netherlands) and Poland were experienced car rally riders and had a hard time with the roadbook during the first days. ‘To be able to do this you have to be a fortune teller’ was their comment. But after three days they got the hang of it and became enthusiastic. Huub Vink and Artur Žbikowski helped each other with a rope to get on top of the ‘impossible’ mountain. Huub already had two hours penalty because of his late start, but for the Polish guy this action resulted in a second place.

At the last evening during a barbeque at the beach the riders exchanged beautiful stories, which the best might be from Jan van der Schuur. He rode into a ravine and after driving around for 30km he ended at exact the same waypoint as where he started from. This third place is well-deserved.

Classification Alentejo Rally 2013 Portugal

Results rally class:

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1st  Frans Daris
2nd Artur Žbikowski
3rd Jan van der Schuur

Results digital class:

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1st Cees Siemons
2nd Bart Somers
3rd Werner Geraerts


A 1 Jan van der Schuur NL KTM exc 450

D 2 Marc Andries BE KTM 350

D 3 Kevin Van Tulden BE KTM

D 4 Jeroen Heitbrink NL Husa 390

D 5 Erik Posthumus NL KTM

A 6 Frans Daris NL KTM

D 7 John Bloks BE KTM 450

D 8 Cees Siemons NL KTM

D 9 Frans Hulman NL Husqvarna 510TE

D 10 Werner Geraerts BE KTM 530 EXC 2011

D 11 Eric Deschepper BE KTM EXC 500

D 12 Somers Bart BE KTM 350 EXC SIX DAYS 2012

D 13 Werner  NL WR 450

D 14 Jette  NL WR 250

A 15 Frizo Moors NL KTM


A 17 Angelo Hees NL KTM

A 18 Huub Vink NL KTM

A 19 Joanna Modrzewska PL KTM

A 20 Artur Żbikowski PL KTM

A 21 Jörg Majoli DE KTM 450 RR

22 Petra Majoli DE

23 Bart Westerink NL HUSKY 2 STROKE

24 Jos van Bergen Henegouw  NL BETA 500 RR

25 Piet van Mierlo NL

26 Sjef Bloks NL

27 Joanne Oonk NL

28 Gerjan Leppink NL

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