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Report 2012 edition

Alentejo Rally 2012 turned out into one big party.

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The smile on our faces has not yet disappeared, we had a fantastic time with each other, the beautiful routes, the competition and the fun nights. Even the experienced participants shared the opinion that the Alentejo Rally is a super event. Even more, they thought they had not ridden such a fun rally in years.

Pascal, Wouter, Marcel, Bob and Marcin discussing their strategy how to end the Stuga flight succesfully. These guys rode all rallies on this earth, but the Alentejo was the best in years. Real 100% motor fun.

It was defiant enough for every rider and one had to fight for each metre. Navigating here is harder than it is in Breslau, but after 3 days one got the hang of it and was surprised about the precision of the roadbook. Experienced riders sharpened their knives before the competition, while the lesser gods made it daily to the finish like true heroes. At Leppink Adventure you have to fight for every waypoint and there is no greater challenge than finishing the route. Wouter de Graaff had to use all of his tricks to stay ahead of his friends and rivals. He kept, for example, the Polish guy Marcin Kruger busy with boose and tales until the early morning with the intented effect that Marcin was too late at the start and completely lost track afterwards. Dakar and Redbull Romaniacs rider Marcel Pronk hooked up, but unfortunately he also fell into a trap. Wouter intentionally waited for Marcel during the special, pretended his motorcycle had some problems, drove off with full speed towards a wrong track and hid. After Marcel came by flying, Wouter choose the right track and arrived at TC2 half an hour earlier than Marcel. Did we have some fun about both drivers! But as always, when two dogs are fighting for one bone, the third one runs away with it. National enduro champion Frans Daris prepared himself well and did his own thing. Only the last day he made a mistake, but still kept his first place. According to the sportive Wouter, Frans was simply sharper and also faster taking turns. Therefore Frans was the one and only winner for everyone.

Jos van Bergen Henegouw from Behego.com has recently become Beta Dealer. The three participating Beta’s proved that they can participate in a rally without adjustments. Begeho developed an aluminum rally cockpit which is mounted at any kind of endure motorcycle with 4 wheel bolts and gets you ready for the Alentejo Rally within an hour. The Beta’s also proved to be very reliable and needed hardly any maintenance, besides an air filter. My own Beta Cross Country was fantastic. It responded perfectly when stepping on the gas and the Beta is so manageable that you find its trial history in cross country. What a great play bike. Thanks to its integrated handles and toolbox, this bike has just a bit more than its competitive brands.

And when above all that, there were fantastic storytellers like Arthur Hoetelmans, Pascal de Baar, Jeroen Pronk and Bertil Wouda amongst the participants, the nights couldn’t get any better. Boy, did we have fun, these guys need to write a book. One story I would like to share with you:

During the Trans Oriental in China, Pascal felt like riding the motorcycle one day. Wouter found a motor rider who was willing to drive Pascal’s truck that day. Both gentlemen changed places and  had a fantastic day, wearing a complete wrong size of racing clothes, while the organization had no idea. I’m telling you, without a sense of humor there’s no rally sports.

Also the digital class went to war and it was proven that one can miss TC1, even while using a Tripy. Believe it or not, but also while using the Tripy you have to pay attention during navigation. The experienced Belgian participant Rene Backx continuously battled with Ruud Baauw. Ruud knew the Alentejo Rally and therefore managed to stay ahead of Rene. Quad rider Eric Lieverdink surprised friend and foe by winning a stage with an overall third place.

Thanks to all participants we had an amazing week.

Down below the winners:

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Classification Alentejo Rally Portugal 2012


Analog/ Roadbook Points total Participant Start nr.

1 157 Frans Daris 22

2 143 Wouter de Graaff 36

3 137 Marcel Pronk 32

4 135 Sjoerd Remmelink 19

5 116 Erik Haakmeester 11

6 115 Gerben Lieverdink 24

7 106 Bart van Mieghem 20

8 104 Bob Coerse 27

9 101 Marcin Kruger 39

10 99 Rob van Elsen 6

11 88 André Hanemaaijer 1

12 74 Nico van Ravenstein 30

13 72 Bertil Wouda 33

14 71 Huib Verboon 21

15 70 Peter van Workum 37

16 64 Pascal de Baar 34

17 32 Gabe Heeren 10


Digital/Tripy Points total Participant Start nr.

1 143 Ruud Baauw 16

2 131 René Backx 8

3 123 Eric Lieverdink 23

4 122 Werner Geraerts 28

5 116 Rene van Eerd 13

5 116 Henry Spijkerboer 15

7 108 Erik van Eerd 14

8 103 Jeroen Pronk 31

9 100 Ad Groffen 3

10 96 Klaas Okken 29

11 89 Johan van de Laan 35

12 87 Goossens Giovanni 7

13 79 Arthur Hoetelmans 5

14 76 August Habers 9

15 64 Jos Swagermakers 4

16 56 Ben Juffermans 12

16 56 Jette  26

18 55 Werner  25

19 53 Richard de Groot 38

20 44 Albert van den Berg 17

21 28 Robert Visser 18

22 14 Martin Heeffer 2

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